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What Skills Areas Will Help Your Teams Be More Productive?

We partner with you to deliver focused training solutions with measurable positive impact on business goals.

Every organization has areas for growth and improvement. This need is compounded when organizational and transformational change is present. Training focused on your specific needs can have a major impact on the efficiency of your teams and departments. The nature of day-to-day interactions can be enhanced to support new business goals and evolving business needs. 

Versicon works with clients to identify and understand these needs. What is the change you would like to make? Procedurally? Behaviorally? How would you measure this change? How would this be reflected in measurable terms? What is the impact on the individuals? What do they expect to gain? Understanding the answers to these questions enables us to partner with you to develop training customized to meet your needs.

Foundational Training for Departments and Teams ​

Two areas of critical skill for all workers today are meeting management and decision making.  The workshops can be customized to meet your organizations unique needs.  

Effective Meeting Management

Staff spends considerable time in meetings and often feel their time is not well used.  Meetings take longer due to unstructured decision making.  Our work in this area is based on requests from clients.  Training focuses on understanding the human dynamics that drive meeting behavior, clear process, structure for meetings  and behavioral changes necessary for effective meetings.   At the end of the training, workshop attendees identify top meetings they would like to focus on for improvement.  This includes what needs to change, actions to take and the benefits they expect.

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Sound Decision Making

The decision making workshop helps participants understand the difficult nature of the decision making process and how it can be changed.  A structured approach to decision making is presented that is scalable and can be applied following training.  The mechanics from defining the decision to be made to establishing the decision parameters, structuring the evaluation and making the decision is reviewed.  The training identifies ground rules and steps to help the decision makers work together. The role of the facilitator or leader is reviewed to support keeping the decision process moving  forward to avoid delays.  

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Training for Teams

We specialize in helping coach and develop teams.  The needs of our clients vary greatly by type of team and the past experience of team members.  For team training, we design an engagement after a thorough consultation to understand the context the team works in and their experience as a team.  We partner with clients to understand how we can help the team meet overall business goals and skills areas the team itself identifies as important to success.   

New work the team undertakes will drive areas of needed competency.  Depending on the team’s experience and type of team, needs will focus on 4 to 6 areas for focused training.  The topics listed below were developed based on experience in assisting teams over the past 15 years.   

  • Accelerated Team Development  
  • Action Item Mgmt and Accountability 
  • Agile and Scrum Training 
  • Bridging the ‘Cooperation Chasm’ to Build Teamwork 
  • Developing an Agile Mindset 
  • Building Support for the Team’s Work and Results 
  • Change Management  
  • Cross Cultural Team Strategy 
  • Implementation Planning 
  • Onboarding New Team Members 
  • Quality Management and Operations Readiness 
  • Risk and Issue Management 
  • Stakeholder Management 
  • Team Leader Training and Coaching  
  • Toolkit to Support Your Work 
  • Trust, Accountability, Transparency and Commitment 
  • Vendor Management and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
  • Virtual Team Management  

Descriptions of the above focus areas can be found here.

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