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We partner with executives and senior leaders to successfully meet changing needs. 

The demands on leaders today come faster and are often more pronounced.  Growing, evolving and adapting to meet changing needs have become essential for successful resilient leaders.  We help leaders analyze, strategize and keep pace with leadership demands. Coaching draws its foundation from reflecting on skills to capitalize on, areas of fine tuning, new competencies required, areas that need to be strengthened and ones to be discontinued. Understanding what worked in the past and may not work in the future helps prepare for meeting new needs and to continue to lead effectively. Business change drives the need to learn and adapt. Examining new required competencies helps executives adapt, grow, maintain relevancy and to drive performance.

The focus of coaching is based on the needs and aspirations of the coachee. A strategic development plan is produced by the executive with support from the coach. The plan serves as a roadmap for the engagement and goals. The focus on your specific development needs creates a value driven program. During the coaching, you will develop awareness of your skills, competencies, challenges and personal motivations. Equally important, we will work with you to identify and understand limiting behaviors and detailers. We will get input from peers, your manager and direct reports to better target coaching. The coach’s independence provides a basis to help reveal areas that need improvement and to have needed important and sometimes challenging conversations that support your development. Practical strategies are developed to capitalize on your strengths, identify areas to shift behavior and a practical plan to help you be more effective.

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Before I started working with Gary, I used to dive into details and struggled to stay focused on most important aspects of projects to move them along. I am much better now in identifying specific areas to stay focused on, those that require special attention and detail, and areas to delegate to others. He was quick to recognize my strengths and areas for improvement. Through his coaching I enhanced my approach to and management of teams and projects.  I now achieve better results. I highly recommend Gary as an executive coach to help leaders improve their business execution and problem solving skills.

Jerry C. | Operations Executive, Global Bank 

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities
  • Increased insight into factors driving success
  • Improved decision making ability and the ability to have important conversations
  • Heightened self-awareness and ways to foster regular feedback
  • Understand how to interact more easily and productively with direct reports, your manager and peers
  • Enhance skills in taking targeted actions to achieve goals
  • Increase job and life satisfaction
  • Be more effective with higher value contributions to your team and the organization
  • Build greater self-accountability for commitments and actions
  • Improved self-regulation
  • Higher levels of empathy
  • Improved leadership abilities
  • Increase confidence and comfort in your role and in execution

New to the role? Just promoted to a new position?  Joining a new firm?  Learn about our onboarding services.

Joining an new firm or scaling into a new and larger role has many challenges, pitfalls and opportunities.  It can be daunting. Onboarding coaching supports leaders create and execute a practical plan, strategy and a feedback loop that build connections and get results right from the start.

Gary is a keen coach bringing decades of experience in this field across various dimensions and levels of leadership. What makes Gary so effective is his ability to breakdown challenges into consumable parts, providing perspective from various vantage points and then taking the coaching a step further by offering practical and highly relevant tactics to address them. Challenges rarely seem insurmountable once we work through them and he shares tangible experiences and use cases that help me develop an approach I can execute.  

Where Gary differs from others is that he doesn’t give you the answers per se (what works for one may not work for all) but he arms you with options and, more importantly, he helps you develop the confidence and trust you need to execute as a leader. He reminds you that you are in charge and what happens is truly a matter of what you do and what you don’t do.

In my case, Gary has coached me with three different senior level positions over the past 13 years culminating (so far) in an executive leadership role in the field of data quality and business operations for a global bank.

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Chih L. | Senior Business Operations Executive, Global Bank

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