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Could Expert Coaching Help You Get More from Your Projects?

We coach clients to effectively design and execute projects for increased value.

Under pressure to address a pressing business need or opportunity and no time to do it right?  Too busy to build a solid foundation but pressured to launch the project and fix it as you go?  Launch prematurely and end up with many regrets and a lack of results?  These are just some of the dilemmas facing organizations in today’s busy world.  This haste results in compromised project launches and drives up cost and creates quality issues.   Others clients have time but are faced with no available staff to devote time to creating a successful launch.  Recognizing this need, we’ve put together economical services that allow you to respond more quickly and to achieve high value results. 

Equally important, our coaching and launch services help build the skills of your project manager and team members.  Subsequent projects benefit from new skills and competencies acquired and applied during our coaching engagements.   A key goal is helping clients increase sustainable capacity and realize better results. 

Project Launch and Coaching Services

This initial foundational work in building clear goals, mission and well-defined roles is the cornerstone for project success.  In terms of the overall effort, this is a very small percentage of the project’s time and cost.   Just as a house is built on a solid foundation with a clear architectural plan, successful projects are built the same way.  Yes, changes can be made but this falls within the framework of the vision, desired goals and project ownership.  The key areas we examine with our clients are: 

  • Project Foundation and Charter  
  • Steering Committee 
  • Project Launch 
  • Team Teamwork and Execution 
  • Organizational Alignment & Support 
  • Avoiding Unintended Consequences 
  • Project Execution and Meeting Management 
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making 
  • Operational Readiness and QA 
  • Implementation 

Once the foundation is in place with a Project Charter and the project has been launched, the team needs to start to work together.  Most importantly, the team needs to build itself into a ‘Real Team’ that works well together and gets work done.  We help teams ‘form’, ‘storm’ and progress to ‘norming’ and ‘performing’ effectively.  Accelerating this process enables your team to add greater value much more quickly.  This added value often pays for our services many times over.  

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How Are Project Coaching Engagements Structured?​

The engagement is a ‘front loaded’ effort to finalize a Project Charter and to design the overall project.  Following the project launch, training is provided to the team to accelerate their becoming a ‘real team’ that leverages the talents of the team.  This approach results in the team making earlier contributions to the project.  Each engagement is customized to meet the unique needs of the client and project.    

Depending on the size of project, Versicon typically devotes 4 to 8 hours per week to the project and is available as an ‘on-demand resource’ when needed. This service enables our clients to more quickly build expertise, take advantage of special resources and use a knowledgeable independent resource.  We provide objective third-party feedback through reviews to measure project execution  and to quickly resolve issues.  Our efforts center on helping the team become a performing team that stays focused on meeting project goals and deliverables.  The role that Versicon plays can be a very economical means to enhance team performance and project results. 

Benefits of Project Launch and Coaching Services​

  • Provide a solid foundation with the Project Charter’s clear, vision, goals and deliverables  
  • More timely project launch by leveraging outside assistance  
  • Accelerate team formation to operating as ‘Real Team’  
  • Support project success by engaging the Business Owner, the PM, the Project Team and Stakeholders 
  • Put in place tools, templates and strategies for better project management 
  • Train the team in developing strong team commitment and accountability 
  • Create clear roles and ‘team agreement’ on how the team will work together 
  • Establish an effective, easy to access process to manage ‘Action Items’ 
  • Train the team on Effective Meeting Management to get more from team meetings 
  • Provide the team a proven process for ‘Sound Decision Making’ to avoid delays 
  • Create a plan for communications for Sponsors, Team Members, Stakeholders and Management 

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