Facilitation of Business Requirements

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We help clients explore, debate, and build solid requirements and meaningful deliverables.

Developing a solid Business Charter for a team Initiative or project creates the critical foundation for success.  A clear vision, measurable goals, an insightful description and background is vital to success.  Identifying the stakeholders and early alignment is equally important to build and implement new solutions. All too often, initiatives and projects are launched prematurely before alignment on charter that provides the business rationale and clear goals.  A premature launch often results in a slow or misguided start that may undermine the entire effort.   

Based on a solid foundation, the team design and execution plan are more accurate and effective.  Versicon helps ‘business owners’ and teams to accelerate the development and validation of the Charter.  Important dialog and debate on goals, scope and purpose is facilitated in meetings to accelerate producing the charter.  This rigor of early engagement and the production of the Charter provide transparency and initiate the process of building trust amongst ‘business owners’ and stakeholders.  

Benefits of a Solid Business Charter for Your Requirements​

  • Acceleration of the finalizing the business Charter through facilitation   
  • Document measurable goals and deliverables to provide a clear focus 
  • Early identification of all stakeholders including sponsors and impacted parties 
  • Background provides teams with needed ‘business context’ to support work execution 
  • Provide a mutual understanding of project boundaries of what is ‘in’ and ‘out’ of scope  
  • Scope and boundaries provide a basis for managing and change in requirements 
  • Align understanding in the early stages that supports work execution 
  • Bring sponsors together and to actively engage and align in setting goals  
  • Provide transparency in initiating the process of building trust for the work to be done 
  • When work starts, the Business Charter support a faster, more focused start up 

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