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Projects have become an increasingly important part of business. The rate of change is increasing, organizations have leaner staffing models and are faced with a need to more rapidly respond to business demands. The number of projects is increasing with an outlook for this trend to continue.

Versicon helps clients by focusing on three key areas – business value, teamwork and results. We support clients in working with sponsors / business owners, the project team and stakeholders. All three audiences are engaged to create the solution. A cornerstone of our approach is developing the right project teamwork supported by a clear mission and goals before starting the project.

All too often projects are started in haste with a promise of ‘figuring it out as we go along.’ Versicon helps clients create a clear focus from the start, assemble the ‘right team’ and launch with well-defined goals. The results are much better and achieved at far lower cost.

Which of These Challenges Are You Facing on Your Projects?​

  • Late project delivery  
  • Experience a shortfall in what is delivered versus what was promised  
  • Insufficient team skills 
  • Project scope creep that delays completion 
  • Lack of accountability compromising timely task completion 
  • Costs higher than expected  
  • Stakeholder lack of availability causing delays and or clarity issues 
  • Unrealistic deadlines causing delays and loss of project credibility 
  • Lack of communication project status leading to confusion 
  • Poor risk and issue management resulting in project setbacks 
  • Implementation problems jeopardizing project results

Well-planned projects with active stakeholder engagement and good project management can deliver the business value you need with on-time delivery.  Learn techniques, strategies, and use simple powerful tools to drive better results and value.  Our clients use Agile, waterfall and other project methodologies that are matched to their business needs.  Versicon helps customers identify, implement and effectively use 21st century tools that better support today’s collaborative work environment and make it much easier to work with remote team members.  

Benefits of Improved Project Management:​

  • Clear roles and responsibility support effective teamwork and accountability. 
  • Projects completed more quickly and cheaply with  metrics and fact-based decision making.  
  • Better solutions “fit” provides higher quality results. 
  • Increased predictability of execution and completion. 
  • Effective teamwork improves collaboration, problem solving ability and team resiliency. 
  • Reduced ‘do-over’ of work due to requirements or execution issues.
  • Proactive scope management saves time and cost for the project. 
  • Improved decision making and the ability to have difficult conversations when needed. 
  • Problems, risks and issues more quickly resolved. 
  • Improved communication with business owner, stakeholders, team members and customers 
  • A better project working environment produces greater team capacity and morale

We Help Design, Manage and Implement Projects for Better Results ​

You might be thinking, “this all sounds great but how is this possible.”  You would be right to ask the question.   Research by leaders in the field of team management identify 60% of the success of a project is based on design.  This includes clear goals, accurate scope assessment, building the right team, business ownership and supporting resources.  We help clients get this part right with guidance, planning and asking the difficult questions.   Playing catch-up to a run-away train is no fun and wastes resources.   Doing it ‘right’ from the start pays handsome dividends. 

The second largest contributor to success is the launch which gets the project off to a good start.  Launching at the right time with clear goals and the right team makes all the difference in the world.  The illustration below shows four phases of executing a project and achieving solid results. Versicon helps project sponsors, teams and stakeholders understand their role during the project lifecycle.  The project design creates a solid plan around the four quadrants shown below.  

Your project success is important.  We will share our experience, templates and tools, strategies and review your project to help you achieve your goals.  Our specialists will guide the team lead and team members build skills and capacity, leverage your internal resource and economically leverage expert external services. 

Special Value for Small and Medium-Sized Firms ​

Large companies may have a project management office and team of experienced business analysts and project managers.  Many of our small to mid-sized clients have part-time PM resources.  The best ‘doer’ in the group is selected as the Project Manager.   These ‘Unintentional Project Managers’ (PMs) can produce better results with expert support.  Budgets are smaller and firms may not need a full-time project management resource.  Our programs help firms achieve excellent results by providing project coaching services and training for your PM and the team. 

Project coaching services are customized for each client engagement.  A key focus is helping clients build the project foundation.  The foundation includes clear goals and outcomes and overall project and team design.  After assisting with project launch, Versicon supports the team and PM as a project coach by attending weekly team meetings, and meeting monthly with the business owner to manage for success.   Training workshops help the team master skills needed to support project success.  These same services are used by our large client companies with high priority and complex projects. 

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